In simple terms, water damage restoration is the process of repairing your home to its pre-loss condition after overflow, flood or any other water damage event. In most cases water damage is inevitable, for example, a flood is a natural phenomenon that can occur anywhere at any time. This article will enlighten you on various causes of water damage, the cost of the damage and the procedure that you should follow when repairing the damage.

Causes of Boca Raton water damage

To deal with water damage, it is always important to understand the reasons for the loss.

Here are some of the causes that lead to water damage.

  • Heavy rainstorms. With improper drainage system, water will always accumulate along the foundation during rainy seasons.
  • Freezing temperature. This is another cause of water damage whereby a freezing temperature at about ten degrees below zero will cause the pipes to freeze and then burst. These can cause severe flooding.
  • Another thing is that stiff wind can cause structural damage to the roof making it leak. These can damage the walls, furniture, and even electric gadgets. These might also be due to old roofing materials.
  • Gutter and drain. In most cases when the drains are clogged the pushes rain water under shingles causing the water to travel down the wall internally.
  • Old plumbing equipment and plumbing line. Old materials can develop failure in places such as joints or hose connections leading to water damage.

How to determine water damage costs

Many people will as you the exact figure to restore water damage in Boca Raton. It is always tricky to give the exact number since water damage restoration is based on various factors. Here are some of the factors that will help you determine the cost of water damage cost.

  1. The level of the water. For you to be able to see the rest of the damage, water causing damage must be drained. More water will require more cash for drainage process.
  2. Check the size of the affected area. For example, if you have a slanting basement, it means that damage might occur in the lower part. The cost will be different compared to a whole damaged basement.
  3. The type of harm caused. We have external water damage and internal water damage. External might be due to flooded river in your area while internal water damage happens inside the house. External damage will be expensive since the dirt in the water might even infect your properties. For internal it might be just some pipes in your sink that you can even repair by yourself.
  4. The extent of the damage. For example, if underground pipes are damaged these means that the floor needs to be removed. Sometimes water damage might have caused some cracks in the wall which require filling only.
  5. The quality of the material. Quality materials might be a bit expensive, but they guarantee you long-time service due to their durability.

Why you should hire a professional

Most people think that hiring a Boca Raton rofessional to do the work is a wastage of money. It is very true that restoration process can be done by anyone but on the other hand, hiring a professional is more advantageous. While doing restoration you might even worsen the damage if you are not sure about the problem. Before getting a professional make sure, you seek reference from a friend who might have experienced the same problem. In fact, it is paramount to have several companies to choose from since different companies will offer different prices. The following are some of the reasons you should hire a professional from the best companies.

  • They are always available 24/7. These means that an excellent water damage repair company are always available at any time. These will help you save your time and at the same time prevent further harm.
  • They come will professional equipment. Doing the work yourself might be hectic since you don’t have all the tools required. For example, these restoration companies have commercial grade machines such as blowers, dehumidifiers, truck mounted water extraction units and portable water extraction units. Having these equipment makes the whole procedure easy since they enhance work efficiency.
  • The professionals will also help with insurance claims. A good water damage restoration company will not only assist you with recovery but also, they offers you an insurance specialist. The specialist helps you in insurance claim process along the way.


Since we have seen that water damage in Boca Raton is an inevitable disaster, make sure you have an insurance cover. In additional to that, it is important to know that a professional insurance company will document the detail and refer you to industry standard pricing guides such as The Blue Book to determine the proper value.